We are two professionals with shared views about providing you a memorable documentation of your life.

Meet Judith and Vern


I come from a background in teaching at the college level and as a corporate trainer. Later in my Career I became involved in instructional design, specifically designing courses for online learning.

Quite by accident I started creating memory books for the aging parents of baby boomers. A new design focus was formed when I realized how much I enjoy learning about my clients’ lives. I’ve been able to create a printed coffee-table book for their families that include access to their oral histories. This is a priceless keepsake for families.

I’d love to create one for your family!


Story Whisperer


After graduating from the prestigious University of Southern California film school, I worked in various capacities as producer, writer, director, videographer, and editor for national brand clients such as: Honda, Apple, Anheuser Busch, Kawasaki, Suzuki, Verizon Wireless, AT&T, Nissan, General Mills, Chevrolet, Mail Box Etc., and McDonalds.

My projects have received awards from The New York Art Directors, the International Film and TV Festival of New York, Cannes Film Festival, the International Broadcast Awards, London Film Festival, Tellys, Clios and others.

All of my projects have one thing in common—they tell a story!  Story telling is the essence of all engaging videos.

Story Director