Often these books are presented to the family at a birthday celebration.
Here are some pictures of these events.




Grandson Danny, looks at his grandmother
Nellie’s picture as a young woman. He
appears intrigued by the stylish woman
on the book cover.




Baro family members take the time
to read about their family through
Nellie’s recollections.




Eldest daughter, Erlinda, looks at
the book with her uncle and aunt.

Family members did something unexpected.
The final page of the book contained a list of
the 10 Baro siblings in their birth order.

Attendees used this page to solicit the
signatures of those listed…much as one
would do with a school yearbook.


Son-in-Law John Vozella, and grandson's
John Vozella and Cody Berg take a
moment from the birthday celebration
to read about Gloria's life as a young girl.