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“…all life is is four or five days that change everything.”


Working on the premise the we all have days that change our focus or direction, we work with individuals to help them define their 5 life changing days. This book is our entry level book offering.

5 Life Changing Days Samples

Greg’s Story











Judy’s Story



Nellie’s Story

Quite often when I talk with a potential client about documenting their life, they don’t feel they have a story to tell. Actually, we all have a story to tell. And…many of us have some wonderful pictures to assist us in telling our story.

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Here is a picture of my client Nellie, born in 1926, who was the first of 10 children. When a child in that family graduated from high school their picture was placed on the piano. If they didn’t graduate from high school they didn’t get their picture on the piano. Quite a statement for a Hispanic family living in California central coast in the 1940’s. Her 7 brothers all graduated from Cal Poly San Luis and the 3 girls all attended community colleges. Family and education were very important in that family.

Nellie’s three children went on to become a college president, a regional director of nursing staff for the VA, and vice president of a mortgage company. Could Nellie’s picture on the family piano growing up, have something to do with the emphasis for education she placed on her own family?

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Gloria’s Story

gl-baby-steps   gl-srpic

Gloria was born in 1936, the oldest of 2 children. She was named after the actress Gloria Jean and spent her early years living in China where her father was stationed. Growing up in Long Beach brought her the adventures that were afforded to a neighborhood in those days, from hunting for spiders to sneaking out the bedroom window with her brother to walking to the beach. She was a real California girl.

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